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For over 35 years Transafe Underwriters has navigated the ups and downs of the transportation insurance industry providing comprehensive coverage for cargo and physical damage to Transportation specialists. We can work with you to design a policy that best fits your Insured so they are covered and confident.


Motor Truck Cargo Insurance For Truckers

Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Insurance, or cargo Insurance,  covers losses or damage to the commodities the trucker is hauling while they are being transported.

Policies are written to protect both the owner of the goods as well as the for-hire trucker. 

Physical Damage Insurance

This coverage includes both collision coverage to pay for damage from a crash as well as comprehensive coverage to pay for damage from theft, vandalism and “other than collision” causes.

We are one of the first underwriters to offer a refund for good driving.  It is based on a 50% or better loss ratio and is payable upon renewal.  We do this to solidify your relationship with your client as your commission is not affected by this refund.

Claims are adjusted by approved, independent, experienced appraisers and claims professionals. 

It is important to note that basket deductible products including both physical damage and cargo are available for consideration. Extra towing limits are available.

Additional Inland Marine Products

Trailer Interchange

We offer Trailer Interchange to comply with your insured’s agreements and your intermodal needs.

Excess Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

Need higher limits for certain shippers? Need a blanket higher limit? We have access to those leads.

Trip Transit Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

We can quote higher limits by the trip over our existing cargo policies. Request a quick quote from a trucking specialist.

Warehouse Legal Liability / On-Hook Coverage / Contractor’s Equipment

Under special circumstances, we offer ancillary coverage to existing clients.

Contact us for a trucking insurance quote today.

Chris Huneycutt

Production Underwriter



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